Ideas for storing small items

Small objects pose a great challenge, storage and organization is essential for our house is orderly, if we get them all under control order at home is virtually assured. Having them well stored allows us to use them, otherwise many of them end up lost in chaos and in the end it is as if we did not have them. We are going to see then a few ideas to have these articles properly organized.


Simple, economical and practical. With a few simple hooks we can have our favorite cups neat and handy. Installing hangers on the bottom of the shelves or kitchen furniture we can hang the cups.


A closet in the bathroom is an invaluable ally but if we have it well organized with boxes and baskets all the items of current use in this room will be perfectly controlled.


The keys are the objects that most often get lost. You arrive home, you leave them on top of a piece of furniture and then you forget. It is necessary to have some element to hang or leave them when you get home and adopt the good habit of using it. We will avoid wasting time looking for them every time you have to leave home.


Hanging jewelry on the wall or on the side of a piece of furniture can become more than storage, it can be a beautiful informal decoration.


A shoe organizer can become a great ally to keep socks, socks, leggings and other small items of clothing. We will have them at hand and perfectly ordered.


Video games, movies, music, board games and other leisure materials deserve their own space to have them controlled, baskets, boxes, trays can be used to have our audiovisual material well stored. Many times we get things wrong, we forget we have them and we can end up buying a movie or a CD that we already had.


And the ingenuity is another of the most important allies when it comes to having small objects well ordered, it is not necessary to buy specific storage items and not very cheap. Reusing is the keyword, this old mold for muffins is a perfect organizer for any drawer.


Even the container of eggs can do us a great service to keep those little things that you do not know very well where to put. Or silicone molds for muffins or cupcakes, the options are endless, any container that we no longer use will make us a great role in our fight against the chaos of small things.

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