Ideas for reusing tennis racquets in decoration

Introducing different ideas and using practical objects, the decoration of our home can reach a point of the most artistic. Unthinkable a priori, but effective after seeing the result in these images. In them we will show you several ideas to decorate the house reusing tennis rackets.

Decorate with tennis rackets 1

It is very interesting to see how everyday objects can inspire us in this way. With originality and a lot of imagination we will use these sports tools to give a different touch to the spaces of the home. A decorative resource with which we will get a different decoration for the wall of a certain room or even to decorate valuable pieces like a vase.

You can also take advantage of the structure of the racket to make all kinds of homemade creations, such as these vintage-style racket mirrors that are so well placed on the wall:

Decorate with tennis rackets 2

Decorate with tennis rackets 3

In addition, as you can see it is amazing the amount of varied options that can be created with a lot of tennis rackets that you have at home, either because you are fans of sports or by simple collecting. A great idea for those who want to innovate in the decoration of their home and are looking for a breakthrough style, totally unique.

Decorate with tennis rackets 4

Decorate with tennis rackets 5

There are many ways to use these objects: superimposed as sculptural forms, as a background wall decoration, or as a complement to a box or trunk ... seen in this way, the tennis rackets will look like a new decorative accessory with a DIY style of the most fresh and bohemian.

Decorate with tennis rackets 6


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