Ideas for reusing old doors

There are innumerable ways to reuse the old doors, from the construction of a piece of furniture with them to the door of the garden fence with an old door. The possibilities are endless and DIY enthusiasts have many online tutorials at their fingertips to take advantage of any old door that falls into their hands. Here and now we are going to give a simple review of the possibilities that old doors bring in outdoor decoration, for use in our garden, terrace or patio.

Decorate with doors 1

Some old glass doors can form a magnificent trellis for climbing plants in our garden, simply replacing the glass with a grid cloth. The contrast that will be created with the plants climbing up the old door will be very interesting.

Decorating with doors 2

From an old door and some more accessories we can make a bench for the garden or a swing for the porch.

Decorating with doors 3

Framing an area of ​​passage or creating a small pergola with some old doors will create an interesting point of visual attraction in the garden. The whole of our garden will gain a lot in sophistication and design.

Decorating with doors 4

In the rest area, on the terrace or patio, we can create a privacy screen or frame the gaze of the quiet observer sitting in the hammock or armchair.

Decorating with doors 5

With three or more old doors we can create decorative screens to separate environments in the garden or in the patio, to preserve privacy or to relieve from the wind, they are very practical and easy to make.

Decorating with doors 6

If we have a business or we are going to hold a party in our garden, an old door can serve as an exceptional and original blackboard to communicate our offer to clients and guests.


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