Ideas for reusing old chairs

In this decoration blog we have talked a lot about how to reuse objects that have been outdated or damaged by use. On this occasion we are going to give some amazing ideas for transform old chairs in different useful objects for the day to day of our home. Practical ideas, available to everyone and, even more important, without prejudice to your pocket.

Reused chairs 1

A pair of old metal chairs can serve as unusual shelves, as you can see in the image below. All that is needed is to have a space to hang them and fasten them well to the wall. Fascinating, do not you think?

Reused chairs 2

A wooden chair that we no longer use can be very useful also for the bathroom. Trimming the legs (a small piece of homemade DIY work that will take only a while), we can obtain a multi-purpose furniture to place the towel and other utensils.

Reused chairs 3

The backs of the chairs can also serve as precious hangers for the wardrobe:

Reused chairs 4

Finally, this wonderful idea that you can do with the legs of a wooden chair, an old suitcase and the filling of a couple of seats. A unique piece that can be had in the living room reusing old objects of walking around the house, and that will give the decoration a new, more imaginative air.

Reusable chairs 5


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