Ideas for renovating the kitchen with a low budget

To change our kitchen without having to go into construction and spend a lot of money we can resort to some ideas that small arrangements they will renew to a greater or lesser extent our old kitchen. Whether there is a part of your kitchen that you just do not like or if you want to do a thorough renovation, here are some ideas so that improving your kitchen does not produce a big break in the family economy.

Ideas for the kitchen with little budget 9

The painting It is relatively inexpensive and with it you can make a complete renovation of your kitchen. You can paint the furniture, for it you will have to disassemble the fittings and the doors at least although you can disassemble all the cabinets and with this you will get to paint them better. You can also paint the walls and even the floor. There are all kinds of paintings to be able to paint the different materials.

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Another option that will also transform the kitchen a lot is change the countertop . If the one we have is in poor condition or has never convinced us of its change, it will be highly satisfactory and it is not as complicated as it may seem or as expensive as we may think.

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A simple change and that can make a big change to the appearance of our kitchen is change the shooters . We will take one of the ones we have as a sample to match the insert holes. With a screwdriver and very little budget we will renovate our kitchen quickly.

Ideas for the kitchen with little budget 2

A more expensive idea that will also mean a radical change is change the doors of the cabinets . An interesting idea when the ones we have are somewhat rattled.

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Change the storage elements or introduce some In our kitchen and keeping it in order is perhaps the most economical idea that we can present to you. But you will get a great result with something so simple and easy.

Ideas for the kitchen with little budget 4

If what fails us is the kitchen floor , either by use or because we simply do not like it, simply by changing it we will be making a great transformation of the whole kitchen.

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Change the curtains of the kitchen windows is also an excellent idea and with a very low economic cost. Once again we can make a remarkable renovation without incurring great costs.

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Change some cabinets for open shelves will give a current air to our kitchen because at the moment is a very trend in vogue. If our cabinets are in good condition we can even remove the doors and adapt them as open shelves. This requires us to have the content in order but it will be interesting and a radical change.

Ideas for the kitchen with little budget 10

Change the front of the kitchen it is another idea that will not cost us much either and of course it will be noticed enough. There are large number of materials for the kitchen front, tiles, metal, wood and many more.

Ideas for the kitchen with little budget 8

Install an unconventional island It is another idea that will bring us a great renovation and at a low price. Getting an old table and adapting it to this task can be an interesting way to renew our kitchen.


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