Ideas for recycling furniture and objects for the outside

With the arrival of good weather, leisure moves abroad, to patios, gardens and terraces. It is time to organize these spaces to enjoy them with total comfort. We can go furnishing them with the usual tools or propose alternatives through recycled furniture that allow us to economize to the maximum. We bring you some proposals to see how to take advantage of old furniture and objects in ideas for the outside.

Furniture and recycled objects for the exterior 1

One idea that continues to be a great success is the use of pallets to make furniture, such as this hammock for swimming pool designed to take sunbaths or rest by the water with all the comfort of the world (see image above).

The pallets also serve to create coffee tables as useful as the following. We can complete the decoration with furniture in flexible materials, soft cushions and some floral decoration:

Furniture and recycled objects for the exterior 2

Or opt for a more minimalist decoration created with wooden drawers:

Furniture and objects recycled for the outdoors 5

Again, these ideas using wood are specified to create this type space chill out , ready for the maximum rest and enjoyment of leisure in the garden:

Furniture and recycled objects for the exterior 3

Other alternatives to recover old furniture is to give them a new coat of paint; In this case we have chosen a color for each chair, which gives great pleasure to the whole group. It is also worth recovering old coffee tables, painting and varnishing them, taking advantage of the fact that their outdoor use has a long period of useful life, since it does not matter so much if they look a little drained, on the outside they look great with that vintage touch what we like so much

Furniture and recycled objects for the outdoors 4


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