Ideas for placing large mirrors in the bedroom

Inside the bedroom, Mirrors they are important pieces. His placement in this space, in addition, can help us solve some problems, especially when we do not have rooms that are too large, because the mirrors visually amplify the spaces. But we can also obtain spectacular corners with full-length mirrors that cover a complete wall, without amplifying the space being the main objective. Let's see some proposals.

Proposals for large mirrors in room 1

One of the most useful solutions are the so-called built-in wardrobes with built-in mirrors on their surface, very suitable if what we want is to see how we feel the clothes of the day. An idea that will enrich the bedroom, creating a unique effect thanks to the reflections.

Proposals for large mirrors in room 2

The mirror can have a smooth surface or show this dynamic multiplication effect, as a mosaic of small mirrors. An incredibly attractive proposal.

Proposals for large mirrors in room 3

Another good idea for the placement of these large mirrors is to place them on the headboard of the bed. The result, as we see, is special and very flattering. With a good lighting around you can create a much wider space.

Proposals for large mirrors in room 4

To finish, we are left with this proposal to place large mirrors resting on the floor. A trend that derives from more romantic and somewhat rustic styles, creating spontaneous and natural corners, very alive. In this sense, if the frame of the mirror is decorated with a motif or painted in colors, we can reinforce the chromatic game inside the room, or introduce some more avant-garde element that enriches the decoration.

Proposals for large mirrors in room 5

Proposals for large mirrors in room 6


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