Ideas for original and creative outdoor lighting

The truth is that the outdoor lighting It is usually the forgotten one. We prepare rest areas, kitchen and outdoor dining but we do not usually dedicate much time or resources to lighting. As much we usually cover the file with some system of illumination without paying too much attention to its aesthetics. Light has a very important role in decoration, not to say primordial, without light there is nothing, with light there is color, shapes, volume and texture. So let's get a little more interested in getting a outdoor lighting original and creative.


Outdoor lighting can consist of hanging sources as well as floor lamps. Currently we can find them of all shapes and sizes imaginable.


Combining a practical lighting with a purely decorative one will make our stay in the garden or on the patio or terrace more pleasant and relaxing.


If we look for original ideas, we sure find them, from imaginative solutions like these that simulate cracked trunks ...


... to others made of compact and durable materials such as concrete or concrete. The offer is very varied and surely we will find many that will surprise us.


These portable luminous arches are perfect for lighting a dinner on a summer night.


And if we talk about decorative lighting we can find a wide variety of illuminated planters and pots that apart from light will give a special enhancement to the decoration of our garden.


But not everything has to be supersofisticado, some classic industrial air lamps will be perfect to illuminate our outdoor dining area.


Even a simple balcony can benefit from modern garland lighting systems. Although in any case we always have to use outdoor lighting systems.


Although we can find true wonders that look like indoors but are designed specifically for outdoors. For your own safety, never use an indoor lighting system outdoors.


There are fantastic cutting-edge designs that will give a sophisticated and elegant look to our patio, terrace or garden.


Indirect lighting is always a good solution to delimit the different areas of the garden and also act as security lights.


Currently with modern LED technology we will also save a lot on energy. Keeping our terrace lit will be more economical and aesthetic than ever.



Modern and classic solutions, more or less expensive, there is everything so that we can choose what best suits our budget and our needs.


Our outdoor lighting can be as simple or complex as we want. Elegance is not tied to any of the two qualities. A simple industrial air wall can be the sea of ​​elegance, everything will depend on the rest of the decoration.

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