Ideas for organizing shoes

Having the shoes well organized is not only a matter of space, you can have a lot of space and have all the shoes disorganized, it will also depend on the system of organization and storage that we choose. This system will depend on the available space that we can dedicate, there are solutions for all sizes, for small spaces and for large spaces. Let's see some examples below.

Shoe storage 1

If space is not a problem because we have enough there are many interesting options. From those made to measure for our dressing room or with storage devices that can be assembled in the dressing room or closet. Up a very decorative option to organize our shoes, is made with moldings fixed to the wall, we can hold the shoes with great ease and admits a large number of them.

Shoe storage 2

This device that we observe in the upper images is fixed to the door of the dressing room on the inside. It consists of a system of metal bars where we fit a large number of pairs of shoes.

Shoe storage 3

Shoe storage 4

There is a great variety of types and qualities in prefabricated devices suitable to be placed in any dressing room or closet. Depending on the space available to us, we can opt for one or the other.

Shoe storage 5

Shoe storage 6

And if we do not have space in the dressing room or closet we can always buy a shoe rack, there are different sizes and styles. Surely we can find one that suits both our storage needs and the style of our decoration. It is an ideal solution for homes that do not have a dressing room or closets are scarce.


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