Ideas for intimate lighting on Valentine's Day

Candles are our great allies when it comes to creating a dim and intimate lighting for interior spaces and special corners of the home. Thanks to them we can transform monotonous environments into mysterious and spell-filled places. That's why we propose some small ideas to celebrate Valentine's Day with intimate lighting and full of romanticism based on miniature candles.

Lighting for Valentine 1

To create these atmospheres, so important will be the number of candles that will be used as, especially, their location. Forget about lamps and strident lights and recover the charm of the most classic and persuasive lighting through tiny candles spread across different scenarios.

Lighting for Valentine 2

They can be placed around a frothy bathtub; in the bedroom, next to the headboard of the bed and located at different heights, spread over the furniture itself; in decorative centers of table, among petals, red flowers and more hearts ... Proposals, all of them, for a minimalist decoration, without ceasing to be seductive.

Lighting for Valentine 3

Lighting for Valentine's Day 4

Lighting for Valentine's Day 5

Lighting for Valentine's Day 6

Lighting for Valentine 7

Lighting for Valentine's Day 8

Lighting for Valentine 9

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