Ideas for home offices decorated with exposed brick

The exposed brick has become a very important trend in decoration for some time and it seems that it will continue with us at least as much. The decorators use it in all kinds of pieces. Decorate your office with exposed brick with these proposals that we present. At least, you can keep some of them that can help you in the renovation of your home office.


There are several options when decorating with brick and we will start with the whitewashed brick. This technique involves painting directly on the brick, usually using white paint.


Even within this technique you can see differences such as using more or less thick paint and more or less uniform finishes.


A brick wall fits just as well in a spectacular loft as in a simple apartment.


The furniture of the golden age of design, 50s, fit very well with a white brick wall.


Just as a brick wall with a rough or uneven finish combines perfectly with modern minimalist furniture.


To recreate a decoration of clear industrial flavor, of course, there is nothing like a brick wall seen.


Here we have a good example of this, a wall in uneven finish with industrial-inspired furniture.


And if we can not have a real brick wall we can opt for the platelets that imitate the brick perfectly.


Another interesting option is red brick without using paint on top. Although it will be convenient to apply a good seal so that the hygienic conditions are excellent.


We can choose many finishes and we will see that they look very good in different decorative styles.


In this modern design office the exposed brick wall gives a fantastic contrast.


But it is also perfect when we want to recreate a vintage style office like this one.


And in an industrial style office like this we also see how well the exposed brick wall is.


The metal furniture is phenomenal on a brick wall seen as we see here.


A third option when creating a brick wall is to paint it in black tones or choose bricks of this color.


They are ideal for masculine environments of industrial style, modern, minimalist, eclectic or rustic.


And once again if we live in a new house we can resort to the decorative plates that imitate this finish. It is an economical and simple solution to perform.


Finally we can also opt for the brick walls seen in dirty or worn finish. It is a strong contrast that goes well for modern environments.


In modern or eclectic decorations with a strong air of youthful rebellion, a brick wall with this finish will be fantastic.


The contrast with the furniture of straight and clean lines is great.

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