Ideas for having a bath in pink

It seems that the bathroom in pink has returned after several decades of oblivion. This is what fashion and decoration trends have, they are cyclical and what is unacceptable at a later time, after a while, it can become the latest. Because the rose has returned and with force as we will see in the examples that we show you next. Ideas that we hope will help you prepare your pink bath.

Bath in pink 1

As we always say, if you have a good neutral base and you do not want to get involved in construction, go for the accessories. It is what has been done with the bathroom of the superior image. A simple but elegant white bathroom has been completely changed with a pink curtain and little else.

Bathroom in pink 2

Bath in pink 3

Bathroom in pink 4

To prove any innovation, textile accessories are an indispensable ally. They are easy to add and to remove if we do not like how it is. With a color like pink that certainly raises passions for and against, it will be better to do a test before getting into big transformations.

Bathroom in pink 5

Bathroom in pink 6

Bathroom in pink 7

And from there you can launch yourself to explore new ways to get a beautiful pink bath. Paint the bathroom door, paste a striking wallpaper or paint the entire bathroom in pink.

Rose bathroom 8

Bathroom in pink 9

Bathroom in pink 10

Bathroom in pink 11

You also have to take into account that the pink changes a lot depending on the tone chosen, others also but maybe in the pink you notice more. Thus we can use pastel or very clear tones almost as if it were a neutral tone or in very saturated tones to become a color of strong contrast.

Bathroom in pink 12

Bathroom in pink 13

Bathroom in pink 14

Ceramic coverings may be the most risky because of the cost and durability but they can be perfect as we see in the images above. I would particularly flee from the tiles of a same tone and I would prefer more mosaic tiles that combine different tonalities such as the pearly top or the one that we will see next that combines various shades of pink.

Rose bathroom 15

Rose bathroom 16

Bathroom in pink 17

Rose bathroom 18

In any shade, in any style, pink can give a new character to your bathroom and there are many ways to introduce this color in your bathroom. Accessories, textiles, coatings, furniture, everything can be pink and help you have your wonderful pink bath.

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