Ideas for Halloween: parking for witches

Halloween It is getting closer and closer and already many are preparing to celebrate it. Let's not forget the interior decoration and the outdoor decoration for our home. A new idea for the exteriors is what we present today.
Many of their elements can be prepared at home and others may have them saved from other celebrations. It's about putting together a " parking only for witches "At the entrance to our house. It's a different way to decorate the entrance.

Ideas for Halloween

To prepare this decor They need some sticks or canes, along with branches to which they must remove all the leaves. With these materials they will make witches' brooms. The branches must be joined to the sticks and reeds with a cord and they can also be glued to make them firmer.
Then they must add an old one for black or brown boots, a pumpkin, a toad and some dried leaves to decorate. Just remember not to forget the "exclusive parking" sign.
It's a nice and different idea, do not you think ???

Photo: Bhg

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