Ideas for folding kitchen tables

The folding tables they allow to have more useful space. In the kitchen they will help us to have that place for breakfast without subtracting a lot of surface. They are folding tables that expand when necessary and hide when not; very comfortable solutions for all types of kitchens, as we will see in these proposals.

Folding tables 1

Most of these tables can be attached to the wall , which favors that we do not have to walk bringing and carrying furniture around the house. We will have them ready in an instant with a simple gesture. Other models can be opened to the sides from the center, as this white table allows, a super useful complement!

Folding tables 2

Also this option is very comfortable for when we need a surface of more. The case of this folding table is excellent, since it has a lot of extension and can be folded easily under the counter, as seen in the image:

Folding tables 3

Another option is this small table, which reminds the tables of some coffee shops. Ideal to share a breakfast with your partner:

Folding tables 4

This other, besides being deployable, has rollers , which will allow us to transport it where it is needed. Indispensable!

Folding tables 5

The truth is that there is a large assortment of folding tables that we can incorporate into our home without spending a lot of money. And it is always very useful to have that extra space for emergencies, as we have seen. Also, look at how easy some models incorporate to store them, without "eating" any space. Also the chairs can be stored easily and we will have the kitchen always clear:

Folding tables 6


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