Ideas for decorating with colorful wallpapers

As you know, the painted paper to highlight a wall in any room of the house. We have already seen many proposals but if you really want to highlight a wall and that no look is alien to it, give them a review of these ideas to decorate with colorful wallpapers.


This wall at the head of the bed certainly attracts a lot of attention with this wallpaper with flamenco motifs.


This wallpaper with very colorful geometric patterns helps to highlight the fireplace in this dining room.


Here we have another similar paper that will serve to animate the space reserved for the bar in this room.


This absolutely white dining room is animated, and much, with this rich wallpaper that this time occupies more than one wall.


The carpet, white and black, gives warmth and adds a touch of black that does not hurt the decoration.


This kitchen front has been covered with a curious, original and striking wallpaper with snake motifs. Of course not suitable for ophidhophobes.


The chosen wallpaper to decorate the upper part of the wall of this kitchen has the retro air that breathes the whole piece.


These floral patterns on a black background also combine very well with this brass bed to create a vintage decoration.


Another colorful wallpaper with geometric motifs that will suit us in a modern and contemporary environment like the one in the upper image. Proposals for any environment are not lacking. The question is more in taking the step and deciding to use a very striking paper.

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