Ideas for decorating children's study areas

The new course begins and it is time to prepare our children for their place of study. With these ideas to decorate children's study areas we hope to give you a hand in this task. But do not do it without their participation, make them accomplices, involve them in the decoration that after all is for them.


A lovely mixed desk, if you have a couple is a good way to take advantage of the same space. They will also be great to learn to share.


Another common area that is equal for two girls as for a boy and a girl.


There are very modern proposals, like this one, that you will love because it looks like a space for the elderly.


Although we can also create a child study area in a much simpler and cheaper way. For example, we can take advantage of an old chair and renew it with a coat of white paint.


This elgant space is intended for older children and certainly has nothing to envy an adult space of work or study.


Maybe we do not have this amount of space but we must try to give them what they need.


Minimalism and winks at their personal tastes and passions are not at odds.


Fixing the board to the wall is a good idea when you do not want the desktop to have too much visual impact. You can also take advantage of the free floor space for storage.


Modular furniture offers a huge variety of possibilities.


This charming study area is as irresistible as it is elegant.


If possible, you can prepare a study corner in the kitchen. So you have the little guy nearby while you prepare the food.


Sobriety must be compatible with functionality. This area of ​​study for girls is a good example.


A board with borriquetas and a shelf on the wall can be enough to create a good space for children's study. Our budget will thank you.


Do not forget the boards and panels to hang drawings, notes, photographs and other objects they need.


This totally DIY system is a good idea that we can prepare in a moment.


The slate painting is a classic and allows them to express their creativity and write down everything they need to remember. They are also great for studying mathematics.


Neither can miss a good calendar to record the key dates, presentation of papers, exams and others.

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