Ideas for basic storage in the hall

The hall is the first space we find in a house. It can be large or small, cozy or more modest, that depends on other factors, but if we want it it can also be a storage place extra very useful. In the following proposals you will see how to take advantage of this space to store different objects, in addition to the clothes that we take off when we get home, the umbrella and scarf for rainy days, shoes, etc.

Storage in the hall 1

For this it is very practical to have some small furniture that fits well in some hole and compartmentalize it inside (as in the image above). In addition to this, some very useful elements are those baskets of flexible material (like the wicker), that occupy little and allow to keep inside much, so that everything is well collected.

Storage in the hall 2

Storage in the hall 3

It is easy to distribute a useful space for storage through these small compartments, punnets and even decorated cardboard boxes . We already see that the space is clear and orderly, and that is very important to give harmony to the home.

Storage in the hall 4

Storage in the hall 5

If we wish, especially when it is clear what is stored in each basket (very useful also if there are children in the house), you can use classificatory labels on the outside. It also does not hurt that there are a few hangers for that type of objects such as hats, umbrellas, raincoats, scarves ... that should be more visible (or leave home without them, as often happens).

Storage in the hall 6

As we can see, these small accessories will help us distribute the space and sort by categories. And we can not only store clothes, also school books, old magazines, toys, towels ... that kind of objects that we usually have in the middle in any room of the house, and that now will also have their own space.

Storage in the hall 7


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