Ideas for an urban garden

When you live in a city it is not easy to have a garden in your house. Here we want to show you some ideas for an urban garden if you are one of the lucky ones who can count on a small space to create their own garden. Having a small green area, however small, in your home is a blessing and we should take advantage of it.


A small gallery, a space between neighboring buildings can become a pleasant corner if we populate it with plants. Worth more imagination and ingenuity than having a lot of empty meters.




Enhancing the in-out relationship is one of the great advantages offered by a well-designed urban garden. The success is in making that transition as visible as possible. This contributes to making the interior look much bigger and allows the best enjoyment of the house.



An urban garden can be decorated in many ways but for that the transition that we talked about earlier, inside-out, is very short we should try to make the decorative style of the garden follow the general style of the house. We have to treat the garden as one more piece of the house.



Logically, the urban garden has a very intense relationship with the house. It makes a very similar life and creating a living area on the outside is a great way to make use of that small urban garden that we have.



Using it as an outdoor dining room is another option. It will of course depend on our preferences to give one use or another or both, depending on the size of the garden. As for the plants, it is best to adapt to the geographical area in which we live and the native plants, so it will be much easier to maintain them.




An urban garden is a space that requires maintenance and care. Think about your design with this in mind so that you will not find yourself later with an unattended, ugly and soulless space in which you do not want to be.


If we have children at home we can also dedicate a space for them in the garden. A small play area does not occupy much and of course they will be delighted.





The terraces are very special spaces, with very special conditions but that can also accommodate a small urban garden. In them it is even more important than in ground-level gardens to think about maintenance before designing them.



In countries with a cold climate, it is normal to take advantage of the greenhouse as an urban garden, even creating a small living or dining area to take advantage of the magnificent and scarce heat they provide.

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