Ideas for a winter decoration in your room

With the arrival of the cold and the upcoming holidays, new possibilities and opportunities open up for us and our home. It's that time of year when we spend more time at home every day and prepare little by little for Christmas and to start a new year.


If I say Christmas, surely they think first about the tree, the decoration of the table and what they will eat. But the winter and Christmas details go beyond the classic places of the house like living and kitchen.



Back from our house the most welcoming place does not just have to be a task for Christmas or New Year. We must think that we will spend much more time inside and nothing better than living our full house to the full. We can take those great winter and Christmas details to our bathroom, rooms and even our home office. But it does not happen that when we think of the cold ... our room comes to mind? Of course! So ... why are not we going to take care of giving them those winter touches to make it one of our favorite places in the house that we can only enjoy?



Think of a winter style decoration goes through small and classic details such as bedding, coat, curtains, cushions, etc., and even add some Christmas classics that will bring a unique feeling to the space.

Have you ever added a small Christmas tree? Christmas lights, ornaments, boots, Christmas cushions? Change the range of colors of your spaces? I'm sure a lot already do, and that others are already thinking about the idea. So, get to work!



Today we bring you some ideas in which you can see both a deco just winter style as another with Christmas details that make the rooms unique spaces.

There are basics we should never forget. And they are, have enough shelter. The bedding that we will find in the market today will not only shelter us, but it is super original. Have you seen all those quilts woven, synthetic fabrics and complex textures? Needless to say, how nice cushions can be seen in this style. Do not forget to touch up the lighting. It is good to opt for warmer lights, and place them in the best places in the room. Another thing that we can not forget is heating. It is time to review the entire installation, make the necessary modifications and supply us with the supplies that we need, such as wood or diesel. At this point I can not stop mentioning that we must make this task the simplest of all. Look for suppliers or companies that facilitate the task and take them all home. They will save time and money !.



If you have already liked the idea of ​​Christmas touches, encourage yourself to try them! They can put as much as they want, but always looking for a balance with the decorative style we want to achieve. Do not forget to choose a color palette and adjust to it! Combining neutral colors with reds, blues, greens and even turquoises for a decoration with Christmas details will be a beautiful option. And never forget the gold and silver. You can be surprised with your results!













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