Ideas for a rustic style Christmas decoration

One more year we are preparing the Christmas ! In spite of everything it is nice to break the monotony by celebrating festivities like this one. They are a good opportunity to decorate our house and open it to receive our loved ones, those people who occupy a special place in our hearts. There are many ways to do it, of course, and among them we want to show you this charming rustic style Christmas decoration that looks beautiful in any decorative style and that oozes Christmas flavor in abundance.


We live in a highly technological world and we want to look back to remember past times, that's why vintage, rustic and industrial styles are so fashionable. Each of the three allows us to recreate past times, which is not that they were better, but had a special charm, the vague memory of childhood or youth is what always launches us to evoke the past. It is a totally natural reaction that we can take advantage of to give our Christmas decoration this year a rustic flavor that will make it very special.


Creating a rustic style Christmas decoration is very simple and can even be very economical if we apply a little and put our hands to work. The aim that we must achieve is to create the sensation that the decoration abounds in natural elements and flee as much as possible from technological or artificial decorative objects.

Christmas decoration-de-estilo-rustico-03

Although it is not necessary to go with a saw or a secateurs to assault the first forest that we find. It is simply about taking advantage of nearby materials that are easy to acquire, we can substitute natural elements to adapt them to our circumstances. For example, if there are not many fir trees where we live, we can replace them with any pine tree. A simple basket of natural fibers with trunks or branches and lights as we see above becomes a beautiful Christmas ornament.


In another article we talked about the labels to decorate at Christmas because it is a great idea that we can make ourselves easily. They bring us all the flavor of Christmas in a sober, elegant and with an extraordinary vintage air.


This idea seems great, take advantage of an old window frame to hang a Christmas wreath. With adding some pineapples and some spheres we will have a Christmas decoration that will attract attention in the hall or in any other place where we install it.


The rope made with natural fibers is also a fantastic resource to achieve the result we want. It is an easy material to get and we can use it in multiple ways. Rolling some cones, cardboard or polystyrene for example, and sticking the string with any glue we will have these precious trees.

Christmas decoration-de-estilo-rustico-07

Christmas decoration-de-estilo-rustico-08

One of the best qualities of this style of decoration is that we can take advantage of what we have at hand. From an old basket for milk bottles to an old wooden sled. The important thing is to give them our personal touch, accompanying them with decorative objects alluding to Christmas, to transform them into rustic Christmas decorations.

Christmas decoration-de-estilo-rustico-09


Simple metal boats or the Christmas tree itself. With the right materials we can create a Christmas decoration for the whole house that evokes those Christmas atmospheres that we all have in our memories. The burlap cloth is another of the materials that we will use profusely, just as it serves to decorate the same Christmas tree as anything else.


And if you do not see these simple candles wrapped with burlap cloth and accompanied by dried pineapples and decorative objects typically winter. It is a simple decoration and we can prepare in a moment.


With branches and other plant elements, candles and ribbons can be mounted a charming Christmas lamp. With a little ingenuity and inspiration we can prepare our rustic style Christmas decoration in a very short time and without having to spend too much.


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