Ideas for a rustic style bathroom

What do you think of the bathrooms decorated in rustic style ? I suppose there will be opinions for and against, humans, thank God, we are so varied. Well, let's leave the philosophical, anthropological and sociological depths and go to the subject that concerns us.

Rustic bathrooms 1

We wanted this time to gather a good repertoire of bathrooms inspired by the rustic style because we know that many of you or you like this style. So there we go without further ado.

Rustic bathrooms 2

We started strong, do not you think? These two examples of extreme rustic style are of great beauty but I just think you have to be very passionate about style to take the step.

Rustic bathrooms 3

Rustic bathrooms 4

Rustic bathrooms 5

The three examples above are perhaps a middle term that may please more people, to the point that many of us could decorate our bathroom with these proposals.

Rustic bathrooms 6

Rustic bathrooms 7

And finally what we could call rustic eclectic or elegant rustic. A style that combines modern elements with some rustic touches, a magnificent combination that will look good in any decorative style.

Rustic bathrooms 8

Rustic bathrooms 9

Rustic bathrooms 10

In the rustic style materials that are used in the making of furniture and in the covering of floors and walls are very important. They must be materials of natural origin, stone and wood are the most important.

Rustic bathrooms 11

Rustic bathrooms 12

Rustic bathrooms 13

Stone and wood that can have different degrees of refinement or finish. Thus we can find finishes more worked or less depending on the air we want to obtain. The truth is that it depends on the set because they can be as good as others.

Rustic bathrooms 14

Rustic bathrooms 15

Rustic bathrooms 16

As we are seeing, we are talking about a rustic style but there are so many variations that the rustic style becomes a sort of sack where almost anything fits. From the most refined elaborations of other eras and cultures to the use of pure natural elements or industrial touches.

Rustic bathrooms 17

Rustic bathrooms 18

Let's say that the thing is between the stone and wood with a natural or worn look and the refinement of those same materials that are very rough and polished. Between both ends we have many possibilities and we are sure to find the one that most appeals to us.

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