Ideas for a Nordic style living room

The simplicity and functionality of a living room decorated in Nordic style is something truly unsurpassed. That feeling of cleanliness and calm they transmit is not comparable to any other decorative style. If you plan to use this style in the next renovation of your living, take a look at these ideas for a Nordic style living room, sure to inspire you.


White is the basic material with which the Nordic style is created but there is another element that is intimately linked with it, it is about light. Any space in Nordic style and especially the living room needs a good source of natural light.


Then there are many more ideas than we initially thought because we all have a certain tendency to reductionism and we think that decorative styles are a standard and do not accept any variation. On the contrary, even in the Nordic style furniture and decorative objects typical of other styles can be included to give it our personal touch like this sofa upholstered with a checkered fabric.


To complement the natural lighting of which we have spoken before we will need artificial light. In this style we can find a huge variety of lamp designs. In the pictures above we see some original lamps with metal structure screen that stands out for its original design.


When the whole piece is decorated in white, typical of the style, we need to give a brushstroke of color to get a live and real atmosphere. The plants and the carpet as well as the pillows fulfill this mission in this living room.


Here, in addition to the plants, the leather and the skins are used to introduce color and texture at the same time. It is also a good example of coordination between black and white, another constant of the Nordic style.



Space is important in any style but may be much more in the Nordic. This is not an impediment for us to decorate a small space in this style. Above we have some good examples of this.


Lofts and Nordic style are a couple that has become almost inseparable. Here we need elements that act as space separators, a mission that perfectly fulfills the sofa on this occasion.


On the other hand, this sofa despite its large size is camouflaged in the environment so we need something that calls attention, this task is usually reserved for a characteristic furniture such as the wooden armchair.


The wooden floors are a typical element in the Nordic style and although they are usually very simple flooring, we do not have to avoid more complex designs such as this zigzag parquet.


In minimalist styles, and this one is, it is always a little problematic to solve the storage issue. Low furniture in the style of modern sideboards are common in the Nordic style.


Although it is also possible to install high shelves without any problem. It will be necessary to study the needs of each one and the architectural characteristics of each space.



The architecture of the space to be decorated can not usually be changed, but it can be assessed in such a way that we get the most out of it. An architecture of classic style is no impediment, on the contrary, if we prepare it well it can become a factor that marks character.



And not only fit the small touches of color, such as the yellow cushion of the top photo, we can also introduce more colors in the design, colors that if we choose them in the right tones can act as neutrals as we see in the photo below.


Some industrial-style touches can, and indeed do, look great in a Nordic-style living room. The combination of iron, wood and concrete is truly extraordinary.


Also the pastel colors can be accommodated in a living room decoraca in Nordic style. They will contribute significantly to create a more feminine and soft environment.


And if we want to give it a youthful air nothing like introducing some elements in neon tones that will considerably refresh a sober atmosphere.


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