Ideas for a modern and stylish Christmas table

The traditional Christmas decoration does not fit in many modern homes. This does not prevent us from celebrating these holidays in our style. With these ideas for a modern Christmas table you can have your table well arranged and decorated without being out of place in the modern decoration of your home.


This proposal of clear glam flavor will go very well if that is the decorative style of your dining room. It is also simple but very elegant.


This minimalist proposal will leave you with pearls if your house is decorated in any style of this type, whether rustic, Nordic or any other similar.


Black and white is always a good starting point, if we also add the gold we have a serious combination, elegant but that can be as modern as the most.


Here we have another combination that never fails, white, black and green plants that are always a great resource to decorate the Christmas table.


Having your house decorated in a modern style does not mean you have to break all traditions. It is simply a matter of reviewing and channeling them in a different way, such as the use of napkins, flowers and red candles in this absolutely white background.


A completely white Christmas table will not be bad but if we add a few touches of gray and black we will get deeper.


In this proposal we have a black background on which it is very easy to work with gold and silver objects as they will stand out.


On a rustic table like this the golden and purple details contrast for their elegance.


This table, with its black chairs, is a good support for this golden decoration.


Black candles for those who are not superstitious. The decoration of the dishes is made with stacked cookies that resemble small Christmas trees.


Elegant, clear and clean. This decoration is fantastic for a minimalist style dining room.


If black and white we add some skin like this we will get a warmer decoration and certainly very current.


The natural elements, branches, leaves or pineapples as in this case are a good decorative complement for a Christmas table.


These golden and white geometric design candles give a modern and very modern look to this Christmas table.


It is not bad to resort at this time of the year to freshly sprouted bulbs to decorate the Christmas table. A good symbol that the rebirth of life is already beginning after the winter solstice that has just happened.


Gray tablecloths, tree branches and decorative wooden objects make up this contemporary decoration.


On the dark tablecloth highlight more conifer leaves and crockery and accessories in white.


This beautiful combination of white, black and yellow will not leave anyone indifferent. A fun, young and very attractive proposal.


Greyish-green plants are a good decorative complement for a worn background. In addition they remember much to the winter since they seem to be covered with frost or snow.


Traditional elements and colors for a modern Christmas table. As you can see there is no problem in using traditional iconic elements whenever we do it with a new look.


The gray, white and gold are also very good and form a combination of natural and elegant color.

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