Ideas for a gardening work table

If you like the gardening and you are messing around with your pots you need a work table for gardening . Here we have put together a few ideas for a gardening work table that will help you choose or build yours. In the event that you have a shed or garden shed you can install it inside but otherwise you can place it in any corner of the garden, the terrace, the porch or where it suits you best.


A workbench or bench for gardening can buy it done or do it yourself. No great knowledge or complex tools are needed, with a saw, hammer and nails you can make a great bench like this by reusing the wood of a pallet.


You can also get wonders like this one, painted in the color of the house so that it is completely camouflaged and that even has a roof to protect it.


The best thing is to take advantage of the architecture of our house or garden so that the table occupies the smallest possible space.


If space is not a problem and we have a garden shed like this we can have a garden center at home.


Well, basically it's about having a place to work comfortably with the pots above all. You must have space to store and organize gardening tools and supplies.


The more storage space, so much better. This garden center is a true marvel but of course it is precise of a few meters and a good economic investment.


Something that can be replaced with a little imagination and ingenuity to reuse materials that we already have at home.


If you are vintage and vintage furniture you can get one that with few changes will serve for this new purpose.


A bench and an old door are the material that has been used to create this small but practical and decorative garden bench.


As you can see with this example, you can make your workbench with a simple pallet and a few materials to fix it.


Reusing old garden furniture is another interesting option. They always look good in any garden and do not take up much space.


Another simple example of reusing old wood to make a rustic and resistant bench.


Although to resist this example with its thick struts that will hold what you throw.


If we do not want the bank to be visible when we do not use it, we can imitate this example with its folding board that serves both as a work surface and as a door to close it.


A greenhouse can be a perfect place to work with plants. The furniture will be the least in these conditions.


Here a piece of wooden fence has been used to hang and organize the tools.


In this bench made on a staircase we must highlight its strong decorative impact.


A magnificent example of reusing an old piece of furniture to make a worktable for gardening very decorative and practical.

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