Ideas for a functional kitchen island

If you have or decide to make a island in the kitchen it is important to keep in mind some details that make the decor and the functionality of it. A cooking island can be a great focal point, whether modern or traditional and you should take full advantage of this feature. In general, the island has to be located in the center or somewhere that harmonizes with the rest of the kitchen. It is important that it fits naturally with the environment or else it can look bad and overshadow the design of the entire kitchen.


The most important factor to establish before anything else is the use that the island of the kitchen will have for the day to day, since this will determine what type of size and characteristics will adapt to you in the long term.

It is essential to have enough space to maneuver around the island, so it is important to plan the size of the deck. Especially if it will be used for food preparation, since tasks such as dicing meat or cutting vegetables require comfort and breadth.

Last but not least, the island can serve as a division between the kitchen and a living room or dining room, in this case you have to pay more attention to the design of both environments to make everything look harmonious. If you have a small kitchen you can use the space under the cover as storage.





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