Ideas deco with the blue color 'Serenity' by Pantone

As you already know, blue 'Serenity' next to rose 'Quartz' are the Pantone colors for 2016 . We want to show you in this post some examples of the decorations in blue 'Serenity' that can be carried out in different rooms of the house. It is an ideal color for houses and apartments located by the sea, as well as for decorating rooms, kitchens and living rooms.


The Sky Blue It is a fantastic way to introduce color in any environment. It is a light color that is always pleasant and can be combined perfectly with other darker shades such as brown to create a natural and warm air environment.



Combined with the other color of the year, the rose 'Quartz' serves to create very relaxing environments, quiet but elegant and of course very current.


But we can not forget its classic side, as we said, a fantastic color for marine, mediterranean and rustic airs. Airs reminiscent of summer holidays and the colors of the sky and the sea.


This wonderful blue can be used in both soft and saturated tones and even combine them with each other. We will create a rich contrast in an easy and harmonic way.




This multi-faceted blue will serve us equally to decorate a kitchen than a juvenile room or a classic style living room. It is a color easy to use and it will have great acceptance because it is not at all shocking or risky.


With a little gray it is a great option to paint any room in the house. In this image there is a good example of an extraordinary bluish gray that remains as a good neutral tone.


Wood is a material that will be very well painted in this rich blue. Great for a little house next to the beach.



The baby's room or the kitchen, the possibilities of this eclectic color are unlimited. In the background or in small notes, the blue 'Serenity' will not disappoint us.



In contemporary decorations or in rustic styles as well as in classic environments we can introduce this beautiful blue color without any problem, it will always look good.


As you have seen the blue 'Serenity' that Pantone has chosen for this 2016 offers us enormous possibilities when it comes to giving a new look to the decoration of our home.


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