Idea to stamp DIY floors

It is not the most usual but sometimes stamping the floor of a room can be a way to give a renewed air when we can not afford to change it. We show you how you can tackle this task in an effective and efficient way. With the pattern that you can download in the link that we accompany in the list of materials and a little paint you will have a floor like new in a very short time.

Stamped floors DIY 1


  • Template ( Pattern )
  • One or more sheets of acetate
  • Pen or marker
  • Cutter
  • Cutting mat
  • foam brush
  • Paint suitable for decorating the ground
  • Painter's tape

Stamped floors DIY 2

First print the pattern that we included in the attachment and then copy it onto an acetate sheet. You can print the pattern to the desired size, the example was printed at 200% of the file size.

Once we have the drawing on the acetate sheet we will cut with the cutter on the cutting mat only the drawings with continuous lines and we will leave the dashes to use as reference when painting the stencil on the floor. You can use two different shades to paint the diamonds and small circles in order to get a nice contrast.

We put the acetate template already cut on the floor and fix it with a bit of painter's tape so that it does not move while we paint. We can previously plan the stencil structure to have a guide. We paint carefully and follow the pattern, with the help of the part drawn with discontinuous lines we can have a good indication of the next point to paint.

It is essential for this work to use a suitable paint according to the material of the floor to decorate so that it has good grip and resistance to use. We can also use this pattern to decorate other surfaces, from walls to furniture.


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