Idea to renovate a kitchen

This transformation of traditional cuisine to a more modern touch is easy and economical.

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This family decided to change their traditional kitchen with wooden furniture with a little money.
We mainly proceeded to change the color of the furniture. Black is elegant and modern at the same time. It is a color not very seen or used in the kitchen, but which gives an elegant detail to the entire decoration.
To the change of color they were added, the changes of ironworks of the doors and the stone of the allowance. It went from a dark green color to a classic gray, black and white granite.
Another aspect taken into account to complete the change of this wonderful kitchen, was to add curtains and accessories within the same range and the dining room set was again sanded and painted to match.
You can also observe that in the dining room game all the chairs are not the same; but there are chairs of different designs and painted some in white and others in black.
It is undoubtedly an interesting change that has ideas that are worth imitating in our home.

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