Ice cream centerpiece for Christmas

We usually relate the Christmas with cold and snow, at least in the northern hemisphere. It is logical since the holiday coincides with winter, so any adornment that reminds us of that fact will always look good. We bring you a centerpiece very beautiful, a glass vase that brings together all those elements characteristic of Christmas, plant details typical of the time, ice or snow, berries and candles.

Christmas centerpieces cold 1

As you can see in the image above, the effect achieved is very beautiful. But of course how to get that ice or snow collected in the garden, if any, would not melt would be quite a feat. We are going to show you how you can make that effect of snow or ice without having to go out to collect snow and without the possibility of it melting and exhausting the arrangement.

Christmas centerpieces cold 2

We just need:

  • Film of kitchen.
  • Water.
  • Vegetation.
  • Berries
  • Candles
  • A transparent vase.

Christmas centerpieces cold 3

We put some leaves or branches of a tree or shrub in the bottom of the vase, anyone will help us. The most appropriate thing would be twigs of conifer, holly leaves, boxwood, cypress, in fact anyone serves us. Then we introduce a large sheet of crumpled film, then we can make more layers, berries, vegetation, etc. .. fill with water the vase and arrange the layout of the film so that it does not float, this is the most expensive part, get that the film does not float, for this you have to add enough water and go arranging the film so that it does not rise up. Above we have a layer of berries and vegetation and candles.

Christmas centerpieces cold 4

You can make beautiful combinations, depending on the materials we have available, it looks good even with only film, water and some candles on the top. The effect of snow that gives the film submerged in water is very real.

Christmas centerpieces cold 5

With a higher proportion of water and less film we get this effect of water with very realistic ice. Just fill the vase with water and introduce a sheet of kitchen film and with a butter knife or similar to separate the film from the corners or from the parts where it sticks to the vase.

Via: bigredkitchen

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