How to use slate paint in the decoration of the house

The blackboard, that quasi-totemic object of our childhood, is now available to anyone thanks to modern slate paintings. With them we can create complements and environments of different aspect and that we can also alter our taste when we want. A resource that brings us back to the happy times of childhood and the passion to draw and create new worlds. Let's see then how to use slate paint in decoration and give a new air to the house.


We will see a good number of projects and all stand out for their ease. They are lovely ones that we can carry out ourselves at any time free. Although it is also possible that we save old slates of yesteryear that with a good set-up will serve us equally.




The tables, both dining room and center and auxiliary, are a field to explore in the decoration with slate paint. You can create at every moment and occasion the most appropriate decoration and leave with a simple wet cloth. Also on that matte black background will highlight the dishes and colored glassware. So will the textiles we use, napkins and table runners.




Painting the pots and planters with slate paint allows us to label the name of the crops and have them well identified. In addition, the pots are much more elegant with the black color of the paint.



Other ideas stand out for their simplicity and strong impact. A coasters or a monthly blackboard to plan the tasks are easy ideas to carry out and they are fun and interesting.



The kitchen is another of the areas in which slate painting can participate widely. From walls to small accessories such as jars for spices and salts through renovating old cups.




Youth and children's rooms, offices and adult rooms are places where slate painting can also play a big role. You just have to adapt your use and employment to the stay in question.


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