How to use shelves for paintings

The shelves for paintings they have become in a short time an auxiliary element of the first order to decorate any room. With them, unlike classic fastening systems, it is very easy to change the decoration in a moment. The pictures, posters, photos are perfect on the shelves but there are also more imaginative uses as a children's library, collections of small objects and whatever we can think of. Let's see then how to use the shelves for paintings in the decoration of our home.


The great advantage of the shelves for pictures is that they allow you to combine images of different sizes to form a kind of very interesting collage. In addition we can complement that decoration with small objects that will bring a special touch.




Perhaps the best known use or the space where we most frequently find shelves for paintings is in the living room. Let's say it is the most typical and where we first thought about installing them. There are different ways to do it from a simple shelf to fill the wall from top to bottom with them. Of course, we must always bear in mind that the images we place on the shelves have a certain coordination with the rest of the decoration.


But the use of shelves for paintings is not restricted to living, on the contrary we can install them in many other rooms of the house. For example in the dining room to gather images and objects that improve the space.



Another place where they can play a great role is in the children's room, and here we can use them both to place photographs and to put books and stories and create a reading area for the children.



In the bedroom we can install the shelves for pictures on the headboard of the bed or even convert themselves into the headboard itself.


In the home office or work area we can also install one or several shelves to place images, decorative objects and books.


The hallway or hallway can also be ideal places to decorate with picture shelves. We can put a lot of pictures and diverse images in very little space and quickly.


Even the kitchen is a good place to place the occasional shelf for paintings that can serve as a small library as well as for its most common use.


You will have seen that picture shelves can be used for different purposes but also in different ways. Thus we can use them in a minimalist way, aligning the paintings but also in a more intense way creating different levels and creating a decoration with greater impact.


Another factor to keep in mind when we use shelves for pictures is the lighting, it will be a perfect way to give more volume to the composition and to attract the gaze of the observer.

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