How to use pastel shades in the living room

As we have seen on other occasions, ranges in pastel they are the softest we can find. If we are looking for a way to create quiet spaces that invite relaxation and dispersion, a good way to achieve this is by using these color tones. We teach you how to use them through different proposals in which they are used with greater or less intensity, for all tastes.

Pastel tones for the living 1

The beauty of these tones in this first proposal (top image) is indisputable. We have a very successful space where colors are giving way to each other with elegance. The result is a decoration naïff . The white color can help to neutralize the color palette if we spend using these.

Another variety of tones, in this case less number of colors and used with sobriety. The base in blue and pink is mixed with a violet touch, with the white of the furniture and with the beige of the carpet:

Pastel tones for living 2

Another way to create quite solid spaces is by giving prominence to a color and letting the rest, of lesser intensity, wrap it up. This is how it has been used for this room, where the pink of the coffee table is the protagonist, well seconded by blue and white. It gets quite balanced.

Pastel tones for living 3

Beige, blue and violet tones to create a romantic space with lots of flowery patterns and figurative details that enrich the decoration:

Pastel tones for living 4

Finally, this little room where green, blue and pink contrast quite well, giving much sweetness to the final environment:

Pastel tones for living 5


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