How to use pallets for the kitchen

When decorating, there are many objects that can help us to give a different style to the house. For example, use wooden pallet tables manufactured by oneself is a trend that is giving very good results. They are used, mainly, as coffee tables or side tables, but they can also be the main furniture of a room, for example as a bed frame in a bedroom. We bring you a series of proposals to use in the kitchen.

How to use pallets for the kitchen 1

Lijada and painted, the table in the upper image gives the kitchen an effective and striking industrial touch. In addition, we will have a surface to place utensils or to eat, with that style so suggestive of the things manufactured by hand. But the use of the pallets in the kitchen does not just stay there ... We can use them as shelves to place the crockery .

In this space the wood becomes the great ally for a kitchen of undoubted rustic appearance, charming kitchen:

How to use pallets for the kitchen 2

How to use pallets for the kitchen 3

How to use pallets for the kitchen 4

Another inviting invitation to the wood: this kitchen where some of the key points like the glass ceramic or the sink are integrated on a table made with pallets. In the space below there is a space to place the crockery, which means that all these resources that we incorporate show an open and transparent space, and that is so collected:

How to use pallets for the kitchen 5

As we see, there are many solutions that can be carried out with wooden pallets, economical, manageable and trustworthy resources, since wood is a material that is always integrated in all spaces and its maintenance does not have great complications.


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