How to use neutral colors

The neutral colors in decoration they are like the canvas for the painter, from them we can build all the decoration. They combine with any color and are ideal for creating calm and sophisticated environments. But not for that reason we have to think that they are boring, a decoration based on neutral colors can be as attractive as we want because we can add the brush strokes of color that we like the most.


Let's see how we can use the neutral colors in the decoration of any space in the house. And in any decorative style neutral colors They can have their paper.



Starting from the hall the neutral colors can come into action. Add interesting furniture, paintings and decorative objects in bold colors will give personality to the receiver.




In the living room we can bring color and interest with textiles, curtains, pillows and even the upholstery of the sofa or some armchair. When the architecture of the room has a particular relevance, the neutral colors will make it stand out more.



The kitchen is a space that is usually decorated with neutral colors, especially in the latest trends. Do not forget that many of the materials that are used lately in decoration such as cement, wood and steel have neutral tones .




Using neutral colors as in these dining rooms does not mean that everything must be of the same color. The tonal variations of the same color are a good way to add interest to the decoration. Even colors that are not neutral, such as the yellow of the chairs above, can be treated as such when they are clear enough and also combine perfectly with the rest of the room.



In the office, office or work area the neutral colors will help to avoid distractions. Although some brushstrokes of color will not come badly so that it does not turn out to be a too nondescript space.



The bedroom is another space where neutral colors are almost essential. It is a stay that should be calm and relaxing but not boring. Besides, it is very easy to play with textures and light.



The bathroom is a room in which the neutral tones transmit a feeling of cleanliness and luminosity. Sometimes they can be too aseptic, so a plant or decorative object with a bright color will not come bad.


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