How to use natural materials in the bathroom

The bathroom is one of the spaces in the house in which the materials that have a strong bond with the outside are welcome and appreciated for the texture and freshness that add to the decoration and the environment. Using natural materials in the bathroom, such as stone and wood, will help create a natural and relaxing space.


The stone can be used anywhere in the bathroom, as a floor and wall covering or even in the sink and shower or bath tub.


Use stone in combination with wood to create a warm, cozy and charming atmosphere in the bathroom. In the example we see that the stone shelves are an interesting feature and all the interior design has a strong rustic component. The bank on the corner next to the window is particularly attractive and interesting.


But it is not necessary that the entire space is covered with stone to obtain a good decoration. Many times a small outline, like this wall portion around the window, will suffice to create a strong visual impact.

to use-materials-natural-in-the-room-of-bath-04

The stone on this occasion has been used to cover the columns that delimit the shower, contrast with the rest of the bathroom and are very striking.

to use-materials-natural-in-the-room-of-bath-05

These voluminous stone steps are perfect in this bathroom so open. If I did not have those huge windows, they would be quite oppressive.


Marble, pebbles, stone and as separator between the sink and the toilet some dry trunks. An interesting way to combine different materials even in such a small space.


Another spectacular open bathroom in which the wall covered with stone tiles goes quite unnoticed until we look at the large stone of the shower that serves as a coordinating element and as a practical natural seat.

to use-natural-materials-in-the-bathroom-09

A simple rock, large and with a particular shape is a decorative element that can work even in solitary, as a sculpture.


It is not clear if the bricks can be considered natural material, after all they are just clay. Anyway, they look fantastic on the wall of this bathroom.


The pebbles or boulders also work very well in the decoration of a bathroom when we want to give it a natural and relaxing air. This time they have simply been placed around the bathtub to create an atmosphere reminiscent of zen-style decorations.


But you can go a step further and use the pebbles to directly cover the floor or create a border on the wall to divide, as we see above, the stone cladding of the lower part of the top plaster.


They work very well in contemporary style bathrooms because the pebbles add texture and beauty to a minimalist design. They complement the clean lines of a bathtub of this style very well.


The pebbles work very well in the lining of the walls. A wall with this finish will be fantastic and will create an important focal point. In this example it is a great contrast to the rich mirror frame.


Pebbles of different colors can be used to create a contrast wall. The pattern can be random or pursue a specific intention in order to convey a certain idea or to represent a particular topic.

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