How to use ladders safely

In most homes there are always ladders. They are extremely useful and if we do not have one, we always look for the neighbor to borrow it. Now, well, there are certain recoveries that we must take into account for their use because even though they seem harmless they can be very dangerous.


Before using the ladders you should make sure they are resistant and safe. It is very important, also verify the maximum weight for which they are prepared to resist.
Extendable ladders must have secure hooks in each of the sections, so that they do not roll back when one begins to climb.
In the case of quite tall ladders, you should avoid standing on the last two or three steps so that the ladder does not open and you are not exposed to a lack of balance due to dizziness. For this you must take the precaution of using a ladder whose height exceeds the level you want to reach.
On the other hand, you should always keep in mind not to place the ladder parallel to the wall, but in front of it. This way you will work more comfortable and you will not have to turn your body to work or lean dangerously to the sides.
If you are going to repair a large wall surface, it is convenient to use a platform or scaffolding, which you can quickly assemble by placing a plank between the steps of two stairs. If there is a difference between the two ladders you must add supports under the end of the plank that is lower.
If you have to work in the open air and therefore you must support the ladder on a dirt floor, you must place a board under it so that it does not sink into the damp earth.
Keep in mind, that you should always wear comfortable rubber shoes to work on the ladder, this material is the one that best adheres.
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