How to take better advantage of the walls of your room

The more orderly a larger room is, the more it will appear. Make better use of the walls of your room so that there is no object lying around in any way. It is an idea that we can carry out with great ease because in many cases we will not need works or large investments.


Sometimes you will only try to buy the right furniture like this bed with side shelves on the bedside tables.

take advantage-best-the-walls-of-your-room-01

Or this one that follows a similar design. In this when not having background you can see the wall through the shelf and gives a feeling of greater amplitude.

take advantage-best-the-walls-of-your-room-02

We can even order a custom shelving to match our bed. It will be a very well invested money.

take advantage-best-the-walls-of-your-room-03

The two options fit perfectly, whether the wall is visible or not. We can also cover the bottom of the furniture with wallpaper to create a nice contrast.

take advantage-best-the-walls-of-your-room-04

If you're going to put in remodeling works you can take advantage to create built-in bookshelves. They are a great space saver and are really practical.

take advantage-best-the-walls-of-your-room-05

You can also install a fake wooden wall and create gaps in it to place books or other objects.

take advantage-best-the-walls-of-your-room-06

This niche at the head of the bed serves as a nightstand with which we save a lot of space.

take advantage-best-the-walls-of-your-room-07

In the event that we can not carry out works or want to spend a lot, we just have to sharpen our ingenuity a bit. These shelves made with wooden boxes are perfect and neither cost much nor give us a lot of work.

take advantage-best-the-walls-of-your-room-08

The long shelves, from wall to wall, are very decorative at the same time tremendously practical.

take advantage-best-the-walls-of-your-room-09

You can also place a shelf on the headboard of the bed to place decorative objects, books or whatever you want.

take advantage-best-the-walls-of-your-room-10

You can also combine low shelves and high shelves as in this image. They will give us a lot of storage space.

take advantage-best-the-walls-of-your-room-11

With a few simple wooden shelves and a couple of clothes hangers we have practically a wardrobe on the wall.

take advantage-best-the-walls-of-your-room-12

The low shelves are a great option because as you can see here they fit anywhere and their visual impact is low.

take advantage-best-the-walls-of-your-room-13

It is not expensive to take advantage of the corners with shelves designed especially for these provisions and they are very discreet.

take advantage-best-the-walls-of-your-room-14

The bedside tables hung on the wall are also a good option when there is little space in the room.

take advantage-best-the-walls-of-your-room-15

This ingenious bookcase with an asymmetrical design takes advantage of the space behind the door.

take advantage-best-the-walls-of-your-room-16

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