How to take advantage of the corridors of a house

Although most houses have hallways that connect the rooms, we do not always pay due attention to this part of the home, and we can get a lot of decorative match. In this sense, there are solutions for all kinds of corridors, whether narrow, wider, bright or dark. All of them can be part of the decoration of a house and be integrated as one more area of ​​it.

Hallway decoration 1

Take advantage of a corridor It is not a difficult task. Think about the measures you have and how it could be the best way to take advantage. The style should be similar to the rest of the house, to standardize and create harmony. Most of the time small pieces of furniture are usually used to add a decorative note, but at the same time it is practical.

Hallway decoration 2

Decorating with framed pictures and photographs is another very used resource for this space. Another possibility is to place a shelf or shelf to add objects and accessories that brighten this part of the house.

Hallway decoration 3

If the corridor is very large, a piece of furniture for storage may be the best idea, especially when we do not have space in other rooms. These wall shelves are usually the most practical to house all those objects and belongings that always go through.

Hallway decoration 4

Perhaps the best option is to use little decoration and light colors, if for example it is a dark space. A good ceiling lighting and an auxiliary lamp will get the most out of it.

Hallway decoration 5

Finally, a resource to expand dimensions: place large wall mirrors. Decoration reduced to its minimum expression, yes, but in return we will get an optimal light and effect to brighten the way to other spaces in the house.

Hallway decoration 6

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