How to take advantage of space in small bedrooms

In case of having a small bedroom , it is important to know how maximize space available and do not miss anything. It is obvious that the bed is the element that will occupy more space, so many times this problem of lack of space is solved with a folding bed that opens at night. This has been the most common measure in many houses. Here we are going to propose other ways to economize the capacity of the room, but we must always keep in mind that we will have to furnish with the basics and do without some other things.

Tips to take advantage of the space in bedrooms01

Minimum furniture: bedside tables attached to the headboard of the bed are an effective solution if we do not have much space to have other furniture. As for the wardrobe, the so-called "beds canapé" can solve our problems when it comes to storing clothes: we will keep it on the surface that houses under the bed itself. Another idea is to open a small hole in the wall (as long as we allow the own architectural structure of the room) and enable a closet inside there. But, above all, the shelves will be your allied maxims: use them without limit.

Tips to take advantage of the space in bedrooms02

Tips to take advantage of space in bedrooms03

Furniture "all in one": there are other options for rooms that require a study area and for shared rooms, such as this spatial solution of a single piece of furniture that incorporates everything you need: the bed, cupboards, drawers and even a small study area with a table, chair and shelves . It occupies little and offers all the essentials. A very interesting option for bedrooms for children and young people, and also for those who share a room.

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