How to take advantage of a balcony

Have a terrace o balcony is to have a window open to the world, whatever the orientation or living space of this part of the house. We can make a lot of money by furnishing with the basics and creating really useful rest and relaxation areas. If we have more space, we can place small sofas and a larger table to organize lunches and snacks in the company of guests. If the available space is smaller, a table and a couple of chairs will be enough to enjoy the outdoors in good company.

Ideas for the balcony 1

As always, the presence of plants enlivens and invigorates the landscape, creating more intimate and cozy places to rest. With rustic furniture we will organize more homelike and classic prints, ideal to enjoy a breakfast and start the day in a healthy and inspiring way.

Ideas for the balcony 2

Ideas for the balcony 3

The balconies with pots and metal furniture, to match the classic iron railing, have a special romanticism.

Ideas for the balcony 4

Ideas for the balcony 5

For more personal nights, a lighting with lanterns or a small lamp can create more intimate scenarios that help us to disconnect a bit from the daily bustle.

Ideas for the balcony 6

Ideas for the balcony 7


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