How to separate environments with style

We all recognize the advantages of living in a diaphanous space free of partitions. Although this is not an obstacle for us to want to separate the different environments of a piece. You can separate environments with style as we will see below. Using decorative panels, sliding doors, screens and other elements at our disposal.


These glass panels with fine gold frame are a good option to separate the hall from the living room elegantly and at the height of this sophisticated environment.


These wooden structure screens and curtain of threads inside can be moved in various ways to suit our needs.


This wooden lattice is as simple as functional. And it combines perfectly with the decoration of the dining room.


Another idea similar but determined this time with metallic pieces to create a sophisticated and current environment.


This wooden panel combines with the decoration of the bathroom and gives us privacy without subtracting excessive luminosity.


Decorative panels, like this one of art deco inspiration, are a good option.


In a loft you have to separate the bedroom to have a bit of privacy. This separador of solid wood brings a natural touch to the decoration.


This sliding door perfectly separates the kitchen from the dining room. Instead of glass, the fabric has been chosen to fill the frames.


A metal frame that frames a curtain of metal chains. An interesting way to separate environments in a modern decoration.


This wooden panel will look great in a decoration inspired by the 50s.


Texture and a whole statement of principles that gives us this separator of environments made with lattices and pallets.


These colored glass partitions are fantastic to separate the different workspaces in an office.


Room dividers can have a practical use as in this case. Having a vertical garden at home is a good idea.


The new techniques of laser cutting allow to create decorative panels of great complexity.


Although not for that reason the classic separators with simple geometric shapes do not lose their relevance.


When we want to make the most of our space we can choose to use shelves and panels with storage to separate the rooms.


Simple, elegant, functional and very classic design era, those wonderful 50's.


This super separator panel is modern and very functional. It offers us space to store things on both sides.

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