How to save and take advantage of energy

Saving energy at home is just as important or more important than using it conscientiously. Here we leave you some practical tips that you must take into account in your home to be able to save and take advantage of it better.


  • When you go to cook a meal in the oven you must take advantage and prepare a dessert or other foods that you can store in the refrigerator.
If you have stoves that work with logs, make logs with newspapers. They can be made in the following way: they are rolled tightly and tied with wires. Then they are put in a container with oil and left to soak for a few days. The oil they have absorbed will keep them burning for at least a couple of hours.
You must always remember that in the flames what is hot is the top, so that when you put to heat pots or pavas, if the flame appears from the sides that part of the energy will be dismissed. You must take care that the fire does not exceed the surface of the utensil. This way you will save enough gas.
The walls painted in white, as well as the screens of the same color, reflect better the light, so that for the lighting you can use bombs of less watts even lamps of low consumption.
Try to take advantage until the last moment of daylight and always try to turn off the lights that husbands, wives and children often leave lit unnecessarily.
The kitchen is the place where electric light is most often used in a home. That is why you should look for alternatives to reduce energy consumption. You can use fluorescent tubes, since in addition to giving a clearer lighting, they save a lot of consumption. But if they can buy the energy saving lamps it will be even better.
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