How to redefine the traditional decorative style

Despite the new decorative trends, the traditional style is still one of the most present in homes. Let's say that most people still identify a well-decorated house with one that is in a classic or traditional style. But the traditional style like all decorative styles is not something petrified that stays the same forever. The decorative styles change and change over time assimilating new trends that sometimes come from other styles.

How to change the traditional style 1

The traditional style that is worn today has received minimalist influences, the furniture tends to be lighter and the colors fresher and more vital.

How to change the traditional style 2

Do not be afraid to use colorful and colorful fabrics even if you prefer classic furniture. It is a very current trend that gives a new air to the classic style.

How to change the traditional style 3

Pastel colors create a lighter and more pleasant environment. This time the blue creates a calm and balanced base that receives a stroke of vitality with the touches in pink.

How to change the traditional style 4

The symmetry is an inexcusable component in any decoration, more if it is classic style, but you have to know how to give it a slight asymmetrical touch from time to time so that the set wins in liveliness.

How to change the traditional style 5

Fabrics are a fundamental decorative complement in the traditional style. There is more to see the example of this bedroom to verify this fact. But at the same time see that a modern vision of color will make our bedroom more pleasant.

How to change the traditional style 6

Use a pair of classic furniture to create the traditional atmosphere of a room. Then you can use contemporary or vintage decorative elements to give a more contemporary feel to the room. And the coating of the walls and floors will take care of lightening the decoration.

How to change the traditional style 7

The traditional style like all others can not remain unchanged with the passage of time. Neither our tastes nor our needs are those of our grandparents. The traditional style nowadays has to receive influences from other styles and the result is not bad as we see in this traditional kitchen in modern colors.

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