How to plan the decoration of the stair wall

To decorate the wall of a staircase, as for any other, the best thing is to plan with time and detail what we want to achieve. The walls of the stairs also have to support an important human traffic with what we have to take special care with the decoration. They are walls especially complicated to decorate because being a passage area does not know one very well what to put in them. A good option is to use them to expose family photos.


Planning the decoration, themes and how to distribute the framed photographs will be much easier if we use paper and tape to get a clear idea of ​​the final result. We can use craft paper or even newspaper and cut out the shape of the frames we want to hang. In each paper we will describe the image that will go in that place and we will fix it with adhesive tape of painter. In this simple way we will achieve a symmetrical and ordered distribution of the different frames.


It is a method that is very practical because it makes us see clearly the final result and allows us to make as many changes as we want. Testing any combination of shapes and sizes is easy with paper templates.


If we hang frames in a traffic area such as stairs, it is advisable to put felt stops on the back of the frame so that they rest on the wall with all its surface. It is much harder for them to accidentally throw them away when they get too close to the wall. It is a good trick, simple and economic that is very effective to prevent accidents.


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