How to paint perfect lines

When we embark on a decorative painting project, we usually worry a lot about finding the color we want and acquire a quality painting that gives us good results. On the other hand, many people forget something fundamental when it comes to drawing perfect lines and cuts, the adhesive tape of a painter, acquiring any one or simply the most economical. It is a big mistake that exposes us to a bad finish when the difference between the price of adhesive tapes compared to the expense in painting is ridiculous.

Paint perfect lines 1

To draw perfect lines we need a quality adhesive tape , that adheres well to the surface to be treated but that does not damage it when removed. Apparently, a lot of time is lost by placing the adhesive tape correctly but the final finish deserves it. In addition we saved a lot of cleaning time and subsequent review.

When we want to draw a line we will place two pieces of quality adhesive tape on both sides of the line to be painted and on a clean and dry surface. We will have taken the appropriate measures so that they are straight and in the right place. We will review the tape with a soft cloth to remove any air bubbles that may have taken and ensure the good adhesion of the tape on the wall.

Painting perfect lines 2

We will paint comfortably between the two strips of adhesive tape with the roller or brush that best suits the size of the line. To achieve a perfect finish we have to paint over the tape in its part closest to the line we are painting, so we make sure there is no imperfection left.

Paint perfect lines 3

Just remove the tape when we are sure that the paint has dried well, it is best to wait 24 hours to remove it. If when we remove it we see that the paint is still fresh, it is best to wait until it is dried. The adhesive tape must be removed by pulling at an angle of 90º with respect to the surface on which it is attached. The use of adhesive tape can be a bit of a nuisance but the result is worth it because we ensure a perfect finish.


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