How to organize with recovered wooden boxes

Organizing and storing is the most important thing in any decoration, whatever the style. With everything in between there is no way to make any decorative style look decent. With these ideas to organize with recovered wooden boxes you can do it in an easy, economical and sustainable way, in addition to doing it in a modern way because using reclaimed wood is a last minute trend in decoration.


There are very decorative solutions that require hardly any work, some screws or adhesive and some wheels and we have this beautiful module to use as a bookcase or magazine rack.


With these same four boxes we can form a cube, upholster the top and have a nice ottoman with storage at the bottom.



Sideboards or dressers to have storage space in any room can be achieved with a slight transformation. Add some element, legs or wheels, and a coat of paint are enough.


Although the boxes are as decorative as the classic wine does not need anything to put them to fulfill their new function.


This fantastic pantry also serves as an island for the kitchen, with plenty of space to store the purchase of the week.


At the entrance of the house or in a dressing room we can place some wooden boxes to store and order the shoes. It is also not difficult to fix them to the wall and give them a little color.


These old wooden boxes with original orange wheels are perfect for storing our craft supplies.


This ingenious idea made with wooden boxes allows us to take advantage of the space that remains between the cabinets and the kitchen countertop.


Here we have an excellent collaboration, wooden boxes and a pallet as a closet or shelves and hanger. Everything you need for a bathroom.


A good vintage wooden boxes the truth is that they do not need much or no transformation. They are enough and left by themselves to be practical and decorative.


On other occasions we can use only the parts that interest us, as in this case where the parts of the boxes labeled have been used as a decorative element.


The children's room is always lacking in sufficient storage space. Our children have so many things! There will be a staggered shelf that offers a lot of space and does not overwhelm with its volume.




The wooden boxes offer us so many possibilities that we could lengthen forever telling their qualities and what can be done with them. Be clear that they can serve you anywhere in the house without exception.



The washing area, under the bed of your children or in any other, painted or unpainted, fixed to each other or to the wall, with wheels or without them, the possibilities are endless.




Endless as the roles they can play, from libraries of cookbooks to coffee tables for the living room or furniture for the television.


So do not think about it anymore and if you have the possibility of acquiring good copies take advantage of the occasion. Of course you will not regret it.


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