How to organize small appliances in the kitchen

Unless you have a large kitchen you always end up having the kitchen counter full of small appliances. The coffee machine, the toaster, the food processor or the blender end up taking over that space. On the one hand we are relieved by the work of cooking but on the other they take up space and many times we are annoyed by the decoration. But we can find solutions to have them well organized and take them out only when we need them. Next we want to show you some ingenious ideas for organizing small appliances in the kitchen.


There are technical solutions to cover almost any need. These doors open and slide at the same time towards the interior of the hole. It is a great solution for a breakfast nook located on the kitchen countertop.


This small hidden cupboard takes advantage of the hole in the back of a built-in microwave oven. It consists of a small door with opening by pressure and a sliding tray.


This huge closet allows you to store several appliances and a good number of tools. Use the system of sliding doors and the whole set is embedded in the furniture.


The shutter doors have a great charm. They give us a touch between vintage and industrial very interesting. Although it is not a next generation solution, it is still very practical.



These two ideas have a sliding base to increase the comfort of using the devices they store. It simply changes the system for opening the doors.




It is easy to find the solution that best suits our specific needs. There are mechanical devices to take advantage of available space in the most efficient way.



Many of the ideas we have seen require in most cases a renovation of the kitchen but not this one. It can be installed in any cabinet and with little more than the space occupied by the appliance we will have a platform that allows us to use it only with a pendular movement.


With these ingenious mechanisms it is easy to have your breakfast corner perfectly assembled. You just have to open the door and you have everything you need at hand.



A shutter door or drawers can be installed in any kitchen even if they were not originally planned. The elements to add will not affect the aesthetics of your kitchen furniture.



With these ingenious ideas that we have shown you, you can not only gain space, but you will also find it more comfortable to use all those small appliances typical of modern cuisine.


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