How to organize a move and not die trying

When we have already bought a new house, rented a bigger apartment or leave our parents' house for the first time ... we are faced with a task that many people deny and want to run away from: the move. Whether they are few things, a family of two or more people, if we have kids at home, it never ceases to be a complex task! And many end in a great crisis for her.

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But do not despair, attentive! Today we are going to give you a series of tips so that you can better organize your move without dying in the attempt. Moving from home does not have to be a traumatic moment.

Moving requires a series of tasks, that if we do them well, in order and with conscience they will see how moving will not be a problem.

Prepare materials for the move

Moving means getting everything out, absolutely everything we have at home and for this we will need a series of basic materials. Packaging tapes, identifying labels, newspapers, papers, markers, ropes, scissors, filling material and bubble wrap (I will give you a very practical tip later on). We will also need buy cardboard boxes in Malaga or wherever we live, are the most important of all the materials we need ... without them moving is not possible. We need resistant boxes, of good quality and in a good variety of sizes to facilitate the packing task. We must avoid looking for boxes in food stores and supermarkets because, in addition to not having the necessary resistance for a move, they can harbor insects or insect eggs that can end up being a problem for us and our new home. If you do not want to run to the store for boxes, remember that you can buy from the convenience of your boxes and just one click away. Stores like They will make the task easier and they will be able to take advantage of offers and promotions.

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Prepare budget

If we are going to make the move with a company that is responsible for all the transfer of our things, it is best to find budgets and investigate all the services offered. This way we can correctly estimate the cost of this task. We must include the cost of the company, input expenses such as those mentioned in the previous point, check if we need to hire other services such as transfer for pets, move large objects that require to be uninstalled as air conditioners, furniture, etc. We must also be the costs, if we are going to need to move to a hotel or buy tickets to move from one place to another.

Another advice, organize and prepare all family documentation, finance, medical, etc and take everything with us.

Organize by rooms and members of the family

Let's do it! Already having our budget organized and the materials, we need to start organizing all the objects, furniture, clothes, toys, books and everything that we have in each room or room. A good idea, in addition to organizing it by room is to do it for family member.

Take advantage of these initial steps to go over things and begin to separate everything you no longer use and think about selling, donating, giving away.

It is also time to prepare changes of clothes and basic elements necessary for each member of the family. Everything we prepare referred to this (and ALL our valuables) should always go with us. Avoid moving this kind of objects in the moving truck.

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Before I mentioned the bubble wrap and paper for the packing of all our objects and I told them I would have a tip. Whenever we change stations or carry out removals, garments appear that we no longer use or are very old. Before getting rid of them, we can take advantage of them for the move! It will be an excellent way to economize. It is also time to look for all the packaging that we have stored for a long time of our appliances and technology objects. We can take advantage of them for the move and they will help us to economize.

We can also start saving paper from newspapers and magazines a few months or weeks before the move, it will not be very useful to wrap and protect.

Take photos

There are objects that when disassembling them or preparing them for moving they need that we remove cables (like televisions, computers, sound equipment) or screws, shelves and others. To all of them it is convenient to take pictures beforehand to be able to reassemble everything correctly.

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Furniture and other large objects

And from the previous point, it is clear, that all those cables, screws, shelves, doors and others that we have had to remove ... will have to be organized. Cables and connectors are recommended to organize them by bags, identifying on a paper what each one corresponds to. Same procedure we will follow with screws, supports and other small objects of furniture. In case of having a door, shelves or similar that we have removed, we can prepare a small map (or use a photograph) to identify its location and be able to number them. For this they can use the painter's tape or stickers and a marker. Practical and simple to do.

Organize garments, furniture and objects

Another thing to organize is clothes, toys, books and furniture that are not dismantled or smaller. To the clothes, in convenient to prepare them as when we make the suitcase to travel (removing all the air). Roll it up, organize it by class and identify who is in each box. We will do the same with footwear, toys, books, all crockery, etc. Separate the boxes of furniture and other objects to be moved. Do not leave them in the middle and thus facilitate the task of the moving company (and take care of their things)

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Boxes: basic tips to prepare and organize them

When we have everything packed ... The essential task arrives: organize them. Previously they have already identified what is inside them, to what room they belong and to which member of the family (if applicable). Now they can be classified and numbered. This way they will be able to assemble a small register and thus organize the loading and unloading of the moving truck. Also, it will be a great help once they are in the new house to start organizing and putting everything in its place.

The last thing we have to prepare

Once we have everything organized, there are some last things to prepare. The last box will be the one that will have all the basic implements that we will need to begin to settle into the new house. Such as cleaning supplies, cloths, gloves, scissors and other tools. Disinfectants and articles for fumigation (if necessary).

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Wait for the moving company

When everything is ready, it only remains to wait for the moving company. Let them do all the work, both for loading and unloading. Remember that they are responsible for the things that can break in these tasks, and if you start to help them (for the mere fact of wanting to finish earlier) and something breaks ... they will not be responsible. Also, we must always remember that we are paying for this service.

Transfer and how to start in the new house or flat

Once everything is organized in the truck and on the way to our new home, it is good to supervise the entire download. Previously, we could plan where we want them to go by placing everything in order to organize as everything is downloaded.

Then, it will only be necessary to start assembling furniture, place objects in their place (with their cables and connectors if necessary) and we can start with the task of disassembling boxes. Little by little, based on our needs and following the guide we had prepared.

Moving involves a lot of work, but if we do it in an organized way, everything will be fine. We will avoid setbacks and unnecessary losses.

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