How to make the living room comfortable

Whatever the style chosen to decorate the living room , one of the maxims is to make this area of ​​the house a comfortable place. Not in vain this is the most suitable space for leisure and rest and to spend with family and friends. How to get that comfort space? Choose the most comfortable materials and accessories, fill the room with light, choose a good combination of colors and avoid shrillness are some steps to begin with.

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Betting on simplicity is another of the insured values: a space with minimal furniture, but where there are plenty of cushions, places to rest your legs, comfortable seats and that allow you to adopt resting positions are another series of basic steps to get right and make lounge a unique place to spend time.

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Regardless of the style, the room should not be visually recharged. Few objects, but to make this place a comfortable space, with your personalized style, will suffice. The color white as a base is also a classic used, but always infallible. To this tone we can superimpose others, whether they are warm or cold.

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Tables of simple and rectangular lines, wicker baskets, soft fur carpets, vases with flowers ... you should not leave aside this type of accessories that help create atmosphere and brighten it with small visual pieces.

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Attending to this need to create a comfortable space, you can also choose the use of sofa furniture, seats at ground level, modern mattresses, puffs, armchairs with multiple seats ... In this case, the auxiliary tables should be of the same height , to avoid uncomfortable displacements that break with that feeling of unique comfort.

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