How to integrate small dining rooms inside the kitchen

Have a extra corner in the kitchen conditioned as a small dining room (with just a table and chairs) can be really practical and give a more dynamic to this area of ​​the house. Whatever the style of it, we will have in the kitchen a wild space that serves to cover needs of the moment: breakfasts, snacks or an extra space for other necessities.

Dining ideas

A dining room that can be a 'multi-space' area, but which is perfectly integrated into the kitchen, not isolated, but is part of the internal architecture of this place.

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We can place a table-style table stretcher with chairs around, if space allows, or have a table of medium size that is extensible or folding.

Dining ideas 2

Other practical solutions, especially in modern homes, is to attach an extra arm inside the kitchen furniture, serving as a table. In this case, with placing a couple or three chairs on one side, we will be able to create this small corner for when necessary.

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Dining ideas 4

For this purpose, wooden tables can be equally useful, in rustic style, such as marble countertops, elongated plastic surfaces or round tables with a more rustic air. This small dining room can be located in the center of the kitchen, on one side, or integrated with the architecture of the room, if there is any bend in the wall that can be used for these cases. In this simple way we will have integrated a practical space without making any reform or occupying too much useful space.

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